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The 2018 ISM Ministers' Network (ISMMN) Conference, which held in South Africa, was another level of glory and global impact, as ministers from 181 countries around the world converged for an exceptional time of blessings and equipping in God's presence.

Indeed, the ISMMNC 2018 was a Conference of Conferences, a Meeting of Meetings marked by extraordinary manifestations of the power of God!

Countries represented at the conference were: Afghanistan, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Canada, Central African Republic, Czech Republic, Chad, China, Chile, Colombia, Congo, Cook Islands, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kiribati, Nigeria, Qatar, and Republic of Karakalpakistan, to mention a few!


A special and precious time of equipping of God's army for greater levels of effectiveness in ministry service, the ISMMN Conferences have consistently and progressively set the records for the highest representation of nations for the Gospel in a single event and the 2018 conference was no exception.

"I come from a very religious background and I am so hungry to receive the true Gospel from the man of God, Pastor Chris, and also witness the real manifestation of the power of God" - Pastor Lahn Deboa, Nauru
"Our man of God, Pastor Chris, has been our mentor for several years on YouTube and this year, we decided to take the step to attend the International School of Ministry Ministers' Network Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, to be taught by him. We are very expectant and we know we won't leave here the same way we came" Pastors Tuli and Sai Amosa, Hawaii.


The highly anticipated 2018 ISMMN Conference began with an exquisite luncheon in honor of all the esteemed delegates and ministers from all around the world.

In a special welcome address given by the Director of the International School of Ministry, Pastor Deola Phillips, she welcomed all the delegates from around the world and outlined several impacts of the ISM around the world.

The Director of Church Ministry, LoveWorld Inc., Reverend Tom Amenkhienan, also delivered a welcome speech, where he charged the eager delegates to make the best of the conference. He highlighted that the conference is "a gathering in the unity of faith for the purpose of the Gospel." He further assured the delegates that there would be a total turnaround in their lives and ministries by reason of the conference. "There's something new, something fresh coming to your spirit. You will be charged with renewed fervour and zeal,” he asserted.

The Chairman of the ISM Ministers' Network, and Senior Pastor, Oasis Christian Assembly, South Africa, Pastor Andrew Mutundoro, in his message, encouraged the delegates to keenly receive everything the Lord had planned for them for the conference. He urged ministers to pay full attention during the conference.


The highlights of this epochal 3-day Conference were the plenary sessions with the man of God, Pastor Chris, where he shared profound and uncommon truths from God's Word. Delegates were literally transported to a higher level of glory and operations in the spirit, as the man of God taught on "Words, Truth and Life".

"Christians should not only be conscious of who they are, but where they are. Christ is a place and that's our environment," he shared so powerfully. It was indeed a different kind of meeting as he shared also on walking in the Spirit and pursuing always the way the Lord wants things to be done in our lives and ministries. “Don't pray only for results; submit to His will and wisdom so that when Father looks into your heart, he will be happy with what He sees."

"I am overwhelmingly joyful and thankful to God and His Servant Pastor Chris for all impartation into my life. I already see special favour from God. Thank you, Pastor Chris, for your love for God and for His people." Pastor Glory Blackman, Finland

"Thank you, Pastor Chris, for the invitation to attend this life changing Conference. There was a sudden change in my body when the man of God touched me during the impartation service on day 3 of the ISM Conference. I couldn't stop crying throughout the service as I know that there is no more cancer in my body. I am very excited. I give glory to God." - Pastor Amar Hamati Salameh, Jordan.

“ This was indeed worth everything as it was difficult getting permission from my place of work but God handled everything for me. Thank you, Pastor Chris, for blessing me throughout these 3 days with you. I have decided to work together with the ISM in all areas that I can." Pastor Remus Duias, Austria.

"I am very excited and honoured to be a part of this massive gathering of the church of Jesus Christ. ISM really blessed me, and I will be a part - of this network." - Pastor Ventura Buen, Honduras.


This special conference also featured super sessions by several ministers, who admonished, inspired, and challenged fellow ministers unto greater heights in ministry, soul winning and evangelism. The speakers were, Bishop Tamas Raki from Hungary, Pastor Armando Osorio from the U.S.A, Pastor Daniel Vindigni from France, Pastor Roshan Wickremansinghe from Sri Lanka, Pastor Andrew Mutundoro and Pastor John Mosapele from South Africa, Pastor Sam Ohene-Mante from Cote D'Ivoire, and Dr. Shawky Mohareb from Egypt.

The delegates were further impacted by the several inspiring Talk shows, which featured highly motivating discussions and astounding reports from Cell Leaders and Pastors on the impact of the ISMMN Conferences in their lives and ministries, and their impact for the Gospel in their local communities as a result of their participation in the Gospel with the man of God, Pastor Chris.

The conference was blessed with an inspiring array of music from different nations as music ministers gave several inspiring performances in diverse languages and cultures, including Oceania South Pacific Islands, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan nations, Australia, India, Israel, and Hawaii.


A most delightful and inspiring time during the conference was the Cell Leaders' Awards segment, where Cell Leaders were recognized and honoured for their work and service in the outgoing ministry year.

The closing moments of the conference was marked with unprecedented manifestations of the Spirit and power of God, with precious words of prophecy and special ministrations. The atmosphere was literally charged with the glory and power of God; everyone received an impartation from the Holy Ghost!

The 2018 ISM Ministers Network Conference was indeed an extraordinary convergence of nations for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and the impact will keep resounding for years to come. Glory!