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Sonia's testimony of healing

As partners of Rhapsody of Realities distributed over 1 billion copies of the messenger angel in 1,004 languages in 2018, the heavens rejoiced as many were saved and transformed by the divine message in the devotional, resulting in divine healing for many.

One of such was Sonia, from Italy, who had been sick for 30 years with anorexia. She always would throw up right after a meal, and this made her dangerously thin. For 30 years, she underwent all sorts of therapies such as Transactional and Freudian Psychoanalysis, Reiki, Biodance, Oriental Meditation, Chi Kung and many others that provided temporary respite. She eventually concluded that there was no way out, and decided to live with the sickness for the rest of her life.

Her first encounter with Rhapsody of Realities was through her young son, who got a copy from a friend at the park. When she read it, the message immediately caught her attention. Never in all her years of therapy had she heard words like the ones she read in the devotional. They were full of power and gave her peace. She continued to study, and a few months afterwards, she received the Holy Spirit; that was the end of her ordeal.