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Introducing the New Rhapsody Bible

#1 Bible Reader for the most exhilarating study experience!

With the Word of God available in more than 70+ International languages, you can hear God speak every day!

Amazing Features:

  • Inspirational articles, Bible Study Planners, Adopt immersive study, with inexhaustible resources & Lots more!
  • Audio Bible Companions in over 10+ International languages! English, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Portuguese, Russian, French & German.
  • Thoroughly furnished with several Study Bibles & Resources like Hebrew & Greek Dictionaries, Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance & lots more!
  • Replete with Reference Study Bibles! KJV, NKJV, NIV, NLT, ESV, AMPC, TMT, & lots more!
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