Rhapsody Partners Distributors Network

The Rhapsody Partners and Distributors Network (RPDN) is an initiative of ReachOut Campaigns made up of volunteers from 242 nations of the world, connecting groups of ministers of the gospel, Church Leaders, organizations and passionate individuals responsible solely for raising sponsors, and distributors who will ensure the successful organization of ReachOut Campaigns with Rhapsody of Realities with effective distribution in all the inhabited 242 nations and territories of the world.

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Become a Rhapsody Ambassador today; make your mark by consistently sponsoring copies of Rhapsody every month; it doesn't cost much to bless others.
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Rhapsody Prayer Network

The Rhapsody Prayer Network is a group of men and women committed to praying for the spread of God's Word around the world through the free distribution of Rhapsody of Realities.
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Become a ReachOut partner today by joining this network of volunteers whose passion is to raise sponsors and distributors: to organize ReachOut Campaigns around the world, and distribute Rhapsody of Realities during these campaigns.
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Everyone needs Rhapsody of Realities as a Bible study guide, especially ministers of the Gospel. Join this outreach network, and help ministers around the world discover the true riches of the Word in Rhapsody of Realities.
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We are an online community of passionate people taking advantage of technology to influence the online world with the Gospel. Join the Rhapsody Influencers Network (RIN) today!
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Join our global network of translators whose mission is to make God’s Word available and accessible to all people in the language they understand best.
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